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Date added: 25/09/2013 Days in the Country

I had a lovely day out in Ballarat and Daylesford, and the highlight was catching up with Gail at her shop in Ballarat. She has been amazing and has rebuilt her shop, and I think it is looking wonderful. Of course I had to have some fabric...even bought a great piece to make a skirt. I do hide my face when I say that the Liberty fabric that I bought when I was exhibiting in Birmingham 3 years ago for a skirt is still in one piece. Last week we visited Mary at Gisborne, and once again I had to have some fabrics. I am making a simple throw for our bed to use during summer. I have found some lovely yellows in my Stitch in Time collection, and added some pale soft greys from Mary. I think large squares and a light cotton wadding will do the trick. The weeds are growing before my eyes this week, but the wisteria is flowering, as is the weeping cherry and the philadelpus...our garden is truly perfumed at the moment. Until next time, Rosermary

Date added: 11/09/2013 In the Mood

I am looking forward to a special treat this afternoon.

Courtesy of MS Australia, Angelos and I have tickets to the musical revue "In the Mood" at Hamer Hall. This is the 20th year of the revue and it is a tribute to the songs and music of the 40's. I am sure that it will make me feel like getting up and dancing.

Stitch in Time has been very quiet in the past few weeks. I have been working at my other jobs, and my MS says to me that that is enough. Fatigue and crazy, twitchy leg pain etc can be very annoying.

Next week is scheduled to be spent in the shed. I know that I have found Christmas decorations that I am going to put on e-bay. I still have a great selection of patterns available, and some lovely books.

And dont forget to check out the kits.

All the best, Rosemary

Date added: 16/08/2013 More Kits Found
A great find yesterday...5 complete kits in the original fabrics for a very popular wall hanging designed by Millamac.."The Great Council of Chooks" features chooks from around the world, and you can see by their dress where they come from. I remember selling this kit for it to be made for organisations including local government. I also found 2 boxes of fabrics that have been put aside to make kits for "Joy to the World" areally lovely Christmas wallhanging designed by Art to Heart. This has been our most popular Christmas hanging, and I was thrilled to find the fabrics. Now to make up the kits...these kits involve a lot of different fabrics to create the effect and so a kit is such good value. I also found a "Faded Roses" kit in which all the 50 different fabric strips have been tea-dyed ready for you, and the last kit of "Alphabears" by Teddlywinks. The pattern includes all letters of the alphabet. Better brave the wind and head out to the shed to start cutting. All the best, Rosemary
Date added: 21/07/2013 Web -Site is Back
Well....I am not sure what happened but my web-site dropped off the planet for several days. It seems to be back today and I will call my lovely Quisk Design people in Adelaide tomorrow and try to find out what happened. I do apologise to any-one who has been trying to have a look, and also to people waiting for orders...I have had your products waiting but couldn't access the addresses. I have been watching old episodes of one of my favourite TV police shows "Lewis" and he made a very apt remark..."these days people have web-sites, in my day we had fountain pens". It is hard rubbish collection this week, and my darling husband is threatening to clean out some of my old things from the shop.....I must admit that the scrap booking paper stands are really of no value any more. I should use e-bay perhaps, but knitting and sewing are much more fun way to spend your time. Better go and make some decisions. All the best...Rosemary
Date added: 03/07/2013 Tools of the Trade

The cold weather seems to be playing havoc with my aging body...back, shoulder, thumb, and knee are all hurting, and I find that I need every little bit of help to make sewing easier.

I must say that replacing your cutting blade is one of the most important things that you should do...I know that blades seem expensive, but a trip to the physio is more so. A new blade takes pressure off so many parts of your body, that you really need to replace your blade as soon as you feel that you have to push down to cut.

My GP is trying laser treatment on my shoulder...the cortisone didnt work..... and I think that a lot of the problem has come from not using gloves for years when machine quilting. I have fallen in love with the Machinger gloves...they  breathe on the hand,but provide good support, and feel very flexible. Two of the reasons I never used gloves.

Both of these products are available on the web-site at reduced prices.

Have a great day.....Rosemary


Date added: 25/06/2013 A Special Find

I have spent some time in the shed today...once it started to thaw... and made a fabulous find. One complete kit of the wonderful quilt designed by Michele Hill for her very first collection of fabric "The Adelaide Collection" The kit was cut at the time of the fabric release and has been hiding amongst all that I have out there. To celebrate...I listed it at a very special price of $295.

I also found just the right amount of navy wool to knit for our grandson...trimmed in a bit of red..his grandfather is a Melbourne supporter, sad as it may be. And Sunday saw me cutting out corduroy to make pants and overalls for the baby...3 pieces of leftovers..one in a strange long shape, and they all were the perfect size for what I wanted to make. I have decided that it certainly has been a "meant to be" week.

Bye for now...Rosemary

Date added: 13/06/2013 Hello...I'm Back

I have spent a rainy day in front of the computer putting on a lot more product .....mostly in the category of Fat Quarter Co-ordinates.

 Every time I go foraging in the shed for fabric or patterns, I come across lots more treasures.

 Rod Stewart American Song Book Vol 5 is belting out my favourite "Beyond the Sea", and I have made a huge pot of Ratatouille, so am looking forward to a nice red wine as soon as my darling arrives home. Have a look throught the web site as it is changing all the time as I find new things, and delete those sold.

All the best, Rosemary

Date added: 03/12/2012 Visit to London

We have been back 3 weeks from our wonderful trip to London and Greece, and yet it seems much longer than that.

We all pack so much into our days that you have to really stop and appreciate the special times.

Angelos and I spent a great time in London..most importantly spending time my daughter who I hadnt seen for 2 years.

Amelia and Clive took us punting on the River Cam in Cambridge 3 hours after we landed, and it was wonderful to see all the Backs of the Colleges, and the lovely bridges, and hear the stories of the students pranks.


Angelos hadn't been to London before so had a ride on the London Eye and a cruise on the Thames....great fun.

A visit to Windsor Castle, St Pauls, National Gallery, and much more kept us going.

In Portobello Road we found this amazing shop full of old sewing machines...there must have been thousands, but I loved this on in the front window, names "Housewife's Delight"


I also had fun with Dr Who at BBC Television, and the cast from Fawlty Towers who met one evening.

As many of you know, Angelos and I enjoy fine food and wine, and we had some brilliant meals in the UK. Haggis Fritters in Cambridge stand out, as well as dinner at Chez Bruce..a Michelin Star restaurent, and evening drinks at the cavernous cellar of Gordon's Wine Bar, practically unchanged over the last 120 years.  Food is great in London, from tiny little French bistro to breakfast at Sloane Square, and prices are good too. One of my favourites spots is the Borough Market, and I had to take Angelos to see all the great food displays. This is one of the best fresh food markets in London, and has been operating on this spot since the 13th century.


Our last day in the UK was spent in Surry where had lunch in the cutest old pub in the village of Mickleham,and visited the nearby church.

Then Clive drove us to the top of Box Hill,( allowances had been made for my bad knee and back) and we walked down....a most beautiful time with the trees just starting to turn, and the mist over the valley.

I think that the Greece part of our trip will have to wait until the next newsletter....otherwise it will be too long for you. The pictures are a bit mixed up...I had them all neatly set out, and then the computer did its own thing. 



Date added: 27/11/2012 Fun with the Designers #1

Quilt Market in November is the time that our Australian designers release their new designs for the forthcoming year, and last weekend showed us once again how lucky we are to have so much talent here in our country.


Gail Pan has just returned from a very successful first visit to Houston, and I love her new patterns,  Cosy Home Cushion and A Stitch in Time.....you can see these under "Whats New" on the site. I have been a supporter of Gail from the start of her career, when we promoted her first BOM "Home Sweet Home"....still one of my favourites.

I also love Gails' Meadowlark wall hanging. which can be seen behind her in this photo.

I then caught up with Sue Daley from Patchwork with Busy Fingers, and here is her new quilt design "One Day at a Time". The pattern is $30, which includes pre-cut paper shapes and acrylic templates.

Sue also distributes Riley Blake fabrics, and I have placed an order for these fun new fabrics, and I am eagerly awaiting them. If you need any papers or patterns from Patchwork with Busy Fingers, just let me know and I can get them for you.

More news tomorrow.  All the best, Rosemary



Date added: 26/11/2012 Australian Quilt Market

I spent a great day on Saturday at the Quilt Market here in Melbourne.

It was wonderful to catch up with so many old friends, including Helen from HugsnKisses, Majella from Kookaburra Cottage, Liz from Teddly Winks, Rosalie from Rosalie Quinlan Designs, but one of the best times was holding Melissa Grants' most beautiful baby daughter .


While I am not buying so much fabric as I used too....being of of the biggest bricks and mortar shops in South Australia, gave me such a brilliant time choosing fabrics..... I am still on the lookout for interesting new designs, which make us think a bit outside the square. I loved the fabrics from Riley Blake.... and the classic spots and stars are always popular.

Rosalie Quinlans' new fabric line will be out soon, and the price per metre is going to be amazing.

I also have purchased the great little Sizzix Big Shot -For Quilters, and have them for sale at the Very Special price of $99.00.   I also have dyes available for 5" squares, 2.5" srips,  2" hexagons, Dresden plate, and 2.5"x5" oblongs.



I will add more news in the coming days, as I saw so many great new pattern designs.