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Date added: 28/10/2010 Houston Here I Come!!

One bag packed.. 2 to go.

Books and patterns are weighty, but I am lucky to be able to have extra allowance...thankyou Qantas.

My stand is #761 at Quilt Festival, and I am beginning to feel excited..the panic has started to ease!!

I will be displaying designs from our wonderful Australian designers, most of whom never get the chnace to be displayed overseas.  Millamac Creations, Red Brolly, Leanne's House, Libby Richardson, Ella and Skysie, Michele Hill, Natalie Bird, Cinderberry Stitches, and our very popular Calico Farm.

I have been busy cutting kits since my return from Brisbane on Monday, and am hoping to cut kits for Cat's Rule today, along with everything else I have to do. The kits for Vintage Bears , Down in the Garden and Santa Down Under are done.

Santa Down Under from Millamac was very popular at the Brisbane Show, and I hope that Houston will feel the same.

All the Best,


Date added: 19/10/2010 Brisbane Quilt Show

My stand C18 is all set and looking lovely, and it is a big thanks to some very kind kind Faeries ,,,the girls from Faeries in My Garden. Thankyou so much, and to Lesley for offering their help. A 6am flight, but I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone tomorrow. Sally from Millamac has anew quilt for me to display,,I hope to have it on the web-site very soon.

Our new BOM from Michele Hill "The Adelaide Collection" is up and running, and fabric supplies are getting low, so be quick to sign up for this long awaited quilt.


Date added: 18/10/2010 Ally Pally

My daughter snapped this photo of me on the last day at Alexandra Palace....she told me I was being "a little teapot"

Rosemary among the quilts

We had a great time at the Knitting and Stitching show..it is more like the old Stitches and Craft Show we had here in Australia. The variety of knitting yarn was just mind blowing, and my friend Shelley would have had a wonderful time.

Date added: 17/10/2010 Is This Spring??

I have arrived back in Adelaide to weather that feels colder than London. And I see on the news that there has been snow, and wet windy weather in several states.

I spent my last day in London walking around Kew Gardens. It is a beautiful and relaxing place, and I enjoyed seeing so many of the cottage plants that I have grown over the years in my gardens. Plus so many other interesting plants. I found it quite fascinatng that a toxin that was discovered in the Madagascan Periwnkle (a shrub that is similar to periwinkles in our gardens) has increased the survival rate of childhood leaukemia from 20% in the 1960's to 95% these days. The Princess of Wales Glasshouse was a journey through different controlled climates, and the display of bright red anthurriums were stunning.AntthurrimsKew GardensAutumn in Kew Gardens

Now it is back to work. I am off to Brisbane and look forward to catching up with many friends up there this week.

The Brisbane Craft and Quilts fair is always fun, and I am going to have lots of specials for you . Fat Quarters wil be $4.00, even the new stock, plus lots more.

Keep Smiling,


Date added: 11/10/2010 It's so Nice

I am able to take things a little slower this morning, and it feels so nice, just to be able to have more than one cup of tea, and catch up on bookwork at my own pace.

 The show at Ally Pally is over , and it was a great experience. I found some great new ideas using different fabrics and fibres, as well as having a good time meeting lots of new customers. It has been a bit of a challenge each morning getting to work....I had to walk, then train, tube, walk,train, and bus to able to get to my stand on time.., and last night the buses which are supposed to run every 10 mins took 55 min to arrive, so that I could do it all backwards to get home. I must admit it is always a good feeling to know that you have managed to get through the maze that is Transport for London...plus the stairs..never known a place with soooo many stairs to negotiate..I seem to spend half the time panting for breath!!

Amelia had a great time at the show...her final purchase was a new sewing machine...a small Bernina 220. It is a brilliant little machine. We used one at the shop and loved it. Amelia is also a Bernina girl...her first machine was/is a second hand Bernina 830. I still have mine. I wonder how many of you do too.

Must get on with organising this morning...stock to return to Adelaide, and to send to Houston.

All the best, Rosemary

Date added: 09/10/2010 Chocolates and Fabric

Two days down at Ally Pally, and it has been fun. Saturday and Sunday look like they will be huge.

Vintage Bears, Gingham Girls, Cats Rule and Calendar Girls have been very popular.

I have found a superb chocolate stand..Linden Lady from Colchester.... and I am really enjoying the product. Those of you who know me, know that I am fussy about chocolate, as I have been making hand rolled truffles in over 10 different varieties for nearly 40 years....so I am loving Linden Lady Champagne Truffles!!!

Amelia has had fun too....she has found the most gorgeous fibre stand ..Oliver Twists.. and the colours and fibres and yarns are to die for. Amelia is working an art piece....underwater scene... and is having fun with beading, felting velevet and so much more. I will let you all in on a secret..she is a much much better embroiderer than her mother.

Better get going . I have tocatch the tube, train and bus...bit of a hike to get there.



Date added: 06/10/2010 Set Up Day at Ally Pally

Just when you dont want it to happen..jet lag has set in and I have been awake over half the night. I found some really interesting books at Changi Airport, they had a big section on Asian authors and so that has been a bonus.

Set up today.. and it is going to be a challenge I think, as there are so many stands, the loading areas will be packed. Amelia has to collect 4 pieces of stock from the freight man, and then we have to get the rest out of our secure storage, and then drive across to the other side of London.

 Our booth M38 is a bit smaller than at Birmingham, so getting all the quilts on the wall might be tricky, especially as the NEW Michele Hill "Adelaide Floral Sampler" is a big quilt. It is great value at only $245 for the complete quilt top, pattern and binding. You can also sign up as BOM. The quilt looks stunning.

Better get busy. I will try and post pics tonight.


Date added: 02/10/2010 The Knitting and Stitching Show

Final preparations are happening...just some fabric to bundle and ribbon, and quilts to pack, as I leave in a few hours for the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London.

I have just heard that this is going to be their biggest show ever, so I am really looking forward to the experience.

I am taking Ella and Skysie Designs, as well as Calico Farm, Millamac Creations, Bronwyn Hayes, Libby Richardson and Michele Hill.

We have finished our sample of the The Adelaide Floral Sampler,  designed by Michele Hill, and it looks superb!. Michele Hill's Morris inspired fabrics are  just lovely...I especially like the blue range, which combines so well with the soft lemons, and yellowy greens. I will have some pictures up by the end of next week I hope.

I look forward to posting news form Ally Pally.

All the Best,


Date added: 25/09/2010 Alexandra Palace..in London


As usual I am leaving things to the last minute.

I am off to London again and Stitch in Time is going to be at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace.

I am very excited, as I have been told that the venue is just amazing.

I am busy cutting kits for Vintage Bears, as that was our most popular pattern at the Festival of Quilts, and it has been for years. I know Judy at Naracoorte could cut that kit in her sleep---she cut hundreds.

The fabulous designs from Bronwyn Hayes have arrived, so all of you who missed out on the Flower Girls Bag last time, be assured that  I have plenty this time.

 I have managed to add 2 more pictures of the north of England. Why is it that I keep on forgetting the process!

I loved how there were chooks walking around the historic buildings like Whitby Abbey , and this is a most handsome rooster.

Better go and cut my Girls Day Out Block of the Month....have to get back to watch the start of the AFL Grand Final...it is always great to watch, especially the opening few minutes.

Warm Regards,


Date added: 14/09/2010 Wet Adelaide

The forecast is for a wet week so it will be good chance to catch up on my web-site. I have some special offers planned,and I will send out a newsletter as soon as I have it all in place. 

I am also planning for my next show.....Alexandra Palace in London. I am very excited about this show, as everyone tells me it is so big and busy, and the venue is amazing. The Red Brolly Girls will be going again..they were so popular at the Festival of Quilts, as well as the ever favourite designs from Millamac.