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Date added: 03/07/2013 Tools of the Trade

The cold weather seems to be playing havoc with my aging body...back, shoulder, thumb, and knee are all hurting, and I find that I need every little bit of help to make sewing easier.

I must say that replacing your cutting blade is one of the most important things that you should do...I know that blades seem expensive, but a trip to the physio is more so. A new blade takes pressure off so many parts of your body, that you really need to replace your blade as soon as you feel that you have to push down to cut.

My GP is trying laser treatment on my shoulder...the cortisone didnt work..... and I think that a lot of the problem has come from not using gloves for years when machine quilting. I have fallen in love with the Machinger gloves...they  breathe on the hand,but provide good support, and feel very flexible. Two of the reasons I never used gloves.

Both of these products are available on the web-site at reduced prices.

Have a great day.....Rosemary