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Date added: 21/07/2013 Web -Site is Back
Well....I am not sure what happened but my web-site dropped off the planet for several days. It seems to be back today and I will call my lovely Quisk Design people in Adelaide tomorrow and try to find out what happened. I do apologise to any-one who has been trying to have a look, and also to people waiting for orders...I have had your products waiting but couldn't access the addresses. I have been watching old episodes of one of my favourite TV police shows "Lewis" and he made a very apt remark..."these days people have web-sites, in my day we had fountain pens". It is hard rubbish collection this week, and my darling husband is threatening to clean out some of my old things from the shop.....I must admit that the scrap booking paper stands are really of no value any more. I should use e-bay perhaps, but knitting and sewing are much more fun way to spend your time. Better go and make some decisions. All the best...Rosemary